Mario Licha is an experienced and qualified Criminal Law Barrister based in Sydney's CBD. 


Mario Licha was admitted as a Barrister, in 2005, following over twenty years as a health professional. He is the recipient the NSW Law Society Presidents Award. Mario stands ready to assist his clients in their time of need, make the right decision the first time and let Mario Licha resolve your legal issues quickly and efficiently.


We can represent you in the following areas

Domestic Violence & AVOs

Domestic violence causes problems for everyone concerned. This is an area of law where emotions run high and proper management is required to effectively deal with the issues as they arise.  Mario Licha has practised in this area of law, since 2005, where he has developed a breadth of experience that allows him to understand the issues his clients face.  Mario Licha is the founder of a legal service for men called ‘A Men’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service’, or AMENS, which meets the needs of men affected by the issues involved.  Mario Licha brings to this area a wealth of knowledge and a depth of experience that is of great benefit to his clients.

Criminal Law

Many people find themselves in conflict with the law and it is important that they get proper legal advice about options and likely outcomes.  Good legal advice is not always the advice you want to hear, but it will get you through a troubling situation.  Mario Licha has practised in criminal law since his admission, in 2005, and he brings unique insights that help him better represent his client’s interests.

Traffic Law

A lot of people commonly find themselves caught up in traffic infringements.  It is very important to understand that this area of law is viewed very seriously by the courts, and that people often find themselves facing full-time gaol terms or disqualification from holding a driver licence, which can destroy incomes and personal livelihoods. Mario Licha has practised in this area of law, since his admission in 2005, and he understands the problems you face when confronted by road rule infringements.


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